Julie Zuckerberg: Working for New Talent

Julie Zuckerberg, the talent professional at Deutsche Bank, has done a lot during her career. She brings a lot to the table of the bank and that has given her the chance to show off the skills that she has. It has also allowed her the opportunity to be able to get new talent for the company and to make things better for herself. It is a great way for the company to get new employees and also a way for Julie to show what she is going to be able to do in the future. The Deutsche Bank provides all of the opportunities that Julie Zuckerberg will ever need.


Since Julie first started working as a recruiter, she had a clear vision of what she wanted to be able to do. She wanted to find great talent, she wanted to help companies get the best people possible and she wanted to connect potential employees with the companies that are going to work the best for them. Because of the way that Julie is able to help people with the talent acquisition portion of doing different things, she is able to truly make a difference for all of the people who she works with.


Finding the right talent can sometimes be difficult for companies. For that reason, they choose to use someone – like Julie – who can help them find the right employees. It is something that many people are able to rely on and something that they are able to get good experiences from. Julie knows what she is doing and the companies that she works for don’t have to worry about anything when they are using her. She can find the right employees for the companies that she works for. It is a great way to allow the companies the chance to make sure that people are doing what they want.


Throughout her career, Julie Zuckerberg has done more about the things that people have allowed her to do. This is something that has given her the chance to do more and to be able to see more options. She has worked with companies from Hudson to New York Life Insurance and even Citi. These were all leading up to the point where Julie started to work with Deutsche Bank and they helped prepare her the right way for the position to make sure that she was getting what she could out of the process.


Since Julie Zuckerberg does so much for work, it can be hard for her to find free time. There are many times when she needs to try different things and do more things. When she isn’t working, she is enjoying spending time with friends, practicing her photography skills or enjoying artwork at galleries and openings. Her free time is valuable because she can get the most out of it. It also allows her the chance to see that there is more to life than work despite the fact that she works very hard.


The Importance of Visibility and How Vijay Eswaran Gains It

In order for a business in any industry to succeed, it has to gain visibility. After all, people are not going to be able to do any type of business with a company that they don’t know exists.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business owner to find a way to bring attention to the business. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Fortunately, the internet allows many different methods for people to bring visibility to their business so that they can gain the fame and the profits that come with it. This is how business are able to serve the customers and then grow to serve more markets.

One company that has experienced a lot of growth and gained a lot of visibility is QI Group. The CEO of the company is Vijay Eswaran.

Among the many ways that Eswaran has gained a lot of visibility for his site is through social media. Social media profiles are very effective at bringing people to the site so that they can gain something valuable for themselves.

One good thing about QI Group is that it is the type of company that people would want to be visible because it has a lot to offer people that will improve their lives.

Among the ways that Vijay Eswaran gains visibility is through the use of philanthropic activities. He runs plenty of non-profit campaigns. Vijay Eswaran also has people that can spread the word out on these campaigns so that they will have a lot of people who want to get involved in these activities.

After all, people want to feel good about themselves and that they have taken part in something that is meaningful and helpful to people. There are also a lot of people that want to improve their lives so that they can bring a lot of positive things to the lives of others.

Oncotarget Educates Masses on Cancer Treatment and Therapies for a Livelier Nation


For years now, cancer has claimed over 20,000 lives across the world. The most devastating fact about this disease is how fast it kills without the knowledge of both the patient and physician. Also, following research over decades, it has been close to impossible to arrest the disease on time. This is because during the initial first stages, the symptoms never manifest quickly during laboratory tests and routine checkups. Following the complexity of cancer, many scientists have since time immemorial invested time and effort towards battling cancer. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.


That is why Mikhail Blagosklonny is cheered for his outstanding contribution towards battling cancer. Mikhail is the co-editor for Oncotarget. This is a peer-reviewed medical journal published weekly. It is freely accessible and upon demand, it can be printed for a client. Oncotarget seeks to disseminate available data on cancer and other diseases. With its availability, masses of people in the society can be reached. As one of the top-notch peer-reviewed medical journal, Oncotarget has continued provide a bridge between diseases and treatment. Its core purpose is publishing the already researched findings concluded surrounding conditions.


Towards this end, Oncotarget has landed significant roles in publishing properly researched data on cancer. Just recently, there was an article on the health hazards of e-cigarettes to smokers. Unlike in the past where it was embraced and considered healthier, this article highlighted its dangers towards smoker’s gums. Such knowledge has massively contributed to fighting cancer of the lungs and mouth. This is because it issues warning to prospective e-cigarette users. It also allows potential users to shun smoking. Another article posted by Oncotarget explained the benefits of chemotherapy to cancer patients. It further highlighted that chemotherapy does not contribute to weight gain in cancer patients like a majority believes.


For Oncotarget, the most vital tool towards this battle is knowledge. That is what the journal seeks to do. It distributes information on drugs, diseases and therapies for treatment. With its weekly publications, many people can access data for a healthier, knowledgeable society. With Mikhail’s vast knowledge in cancer and treatment, Oncotarget is obviously playing a key role in battling cancer. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Sawyer Howitt: a Serial Entrepreneur and an Associate at the Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at the Meriwether Group, a management-consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. The Meriwether Group specializes in the provision of business counsel, product development, brand building, financial direction, and operations refinement.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt began to work for his father while he was in high school. As a young mind in this line of work, he has learned the key aspects of running a business, which are financial and operational management. Sawyer Howitt has demonstrated great artistic and analytic skills in executing his duties. He is also open-minded and can handle a variety of tasks, including interpreting complex spreadsheets, taking notes during meetings, and conducting presentations.

Sawyer Howitt has affiliations with a variety of non-profit organizations that supports causes in the education sector and women rights. He has worked as an intern in several organizations and mentored several young people. Sawyer Howitt also worked at Kure Juice bars where he acquired experience in customer relations. He is set to join Columbia University to study entrepreneurial finance in the next academic year. He spends his free time raising trout and is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. Sawyer Howitt is also known to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, music, culture, and health.

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Samuel Strauch Explains Real Estate in Miami

Many areas of the country are booming with real estate growth. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming for the future. Not only that, but they are also excited about ways in which Samuel Strauch can help them with a plan. He has many years of experience in the Miami real estate market, and that is a great asset for anyone to have in working with him.

Samuel Strauch

From the time he was young, Samuel Strauch has always been interested in real estate. He bought his first property at a young age, and he has continued to invest in a variety of areas from that point on. If you are ready to learn how to help others in this area, Samuel Strauch can help you do that. He knows all of the nuances about the lay of the land. Over time, he has proven that he wants to impact the lives of other people in the real estate market by providing great service and investment advice. Anyone who wants to start investing in real estate needs to make sure they have a plan in place with their money. Few people truly understand what kind of stress can be caused by a bad financial decision in real estate.

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Financing Your Investment

If you want to invest in real estate, chances are that you do not have the capital on hand to pay cash. Samuel Strauch is a great person to work with in this area. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to do a lot of work to take things to the next level. If you want to find a plan that makes sense for you, make sure you work with a local bank that you can trust.

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John Hall Explains Why You Need Online Reputation Management

In a recent Forbes piece, John Hall dissects the results of recent studies highlighting the importance of online reputation management for businesses but especially individuals. Almost all of us have googled our own name at some point, and consumers and employers have that same inclination. In the past, you often had to get to know someone before you had an idea about what they were like. Today, many people will get their first impression of you from Google.

According to Hunt, 75% of employers google potential candidates, and 70% of those have passed on a candidate based on something they found online. In addition, 85% of those surveyed said that they have been prompted to follow through on hiring a candidate based on positive information gleaned online. What’s more, 90% of executive recruiters use Google to check up on candidates.

Checking someone out online is becoming standard practice. In 2008, just 22% of employers checked the social media accounts of potential hires, while 60% of employers surveyed today engage in this practice. This means that people are being hired or not in part based on what they post online.

When it comes to business, 42% of Americans do an online search before making a final decision to hire a service provider, with 45% saying that they have been dissuaded from doing businesses with someone based on something they saw online.

In the face of all of this evidence, what is remarkable is that so few people care about their digital fingerprint. Things change quickly online due to the large volume of media that are shared and posted, so managing your reputation means checking your Google search results often. It is also puzzling that many high-profile individuals give little thought to controlling their first page of results on Google, when this is such a fundamental part of the first impression most people will have you.

In a nutshell, John Hall argues that online reputation management is no longer a passive game. People who want to protect their reputation will need to long, hard look at their reputation strategy and do more.

Active Investing To Offset Bear Markets

On February 27th, 2017, CNBC.com featured an article by Timothy Armour, Chairman and CEO of Capital Group. In the article, Armour challenges Warren Buffett’s belief that passive index fund investing is the best strategy for the average investor. Mr. Armour agrees with Buffet’s belief that too many active funds shortchange average investors through fees and other charges. He also agrees that passive index funds have consistently done well when they have durable portfolios. However, Timothy Armour makes a strong argument that properly managed active funds can outperform passive index funds.

Timothy Armour is not making an adversarial argument in his commentary. He is makes his case by advising investors to turn to the basics of fundamental long term investing. That is, demanding good long-term investment returns and keeping costs low. Armour reminds you that passive index funds only do well in a bull market. He then argues that having a well managed active fund can out perform passive index funds in bear markets. By having the proper active funds, Armour is saying an investor can achieve more long-term wealth.

Read more: Capital Group Names Armour Chairman to Succeed James Rothenberg

Timothy Armour expresses the complexities involved with choosing the right active funds. He advises investors to use two simple filters. A fund that has low expenses and high manager ownership is essential. That is, fund managers whom invest their own money alongside investors is a good sign the fund is legit. Armour concludes his argument by stating that Capital Group’s active funds have performed 1.47 percent above relevant index benchmarks.

Timothy Armour has been the CEO of Capital Group since July of 2015. He has been with Capital Group for almost 35 years. He has been an equity portfolio manager and an equity investment analyst. He began his career at Capital as a participant in The Associates Program. Timothy Armour earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middleburg College.

Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos, education secretary of The United States of America, Philanthropist, education enthusiast and tough woman with firm opinions is a remarkable person.

In a testament to her goodwill and interest in educational matters, she has together with her husband Dick DeVos given over $139 million to a charity related to educational matters. As of now, they have been ranked at number 24 on the Forbes list of top philanthropists.

Alma Mater

Betsy went to Holland Christian High School where she graduated from. Then she went on to get her Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In other positions, she has been serving as the Chairman of;

  • The Philanthropy Roundtable
  • The American Federation for Children

Other boards that she has served on include;

  • The DeVos Institute of Arts Management at University of Maryland
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • ArtPrize
  • Foundation for Excellence in Education

So Far

When you take a look at her position as the secretary of education, you will see that she has a passion for protecting students from the brunt of an education system that threatens to ruin their lives and make them seem unaccepted.

As seen in a debacle that involved her and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, you can observe that she was adamant about letting him rescind a bill that allowed transgender students to choose whatever bathroom they wanted to go to.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/readersreact/la-ol-le-devos-vouchers-20170218-story.html

Betsy DeVos and Education

Having a person like Betsy at the head of the education sector will sure improve a lot because over the years she has shown that she is dedicated to the betterment of education and raising the standards for them to achieve the American Dream.

She has over the years dealt with the following situations and advocated for them very seriously.

  • The transgender bathroom bill
  • The voucher programs
  • Private and charter schools
  • The education system and its reforms

The transgender issue that was brought up by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and finally Betsy was forced to sign off on it despite the fact that she was against it from the beginning.

Rescinding The Bathroom-Transgender Bill

In the heated debate that saw the Bill that had been passed during the Obama administration allowing transgender students to have the right to pick whatever toilet they wanted to use, Betsy was against this as it was advocating for intolerance towards these students.

The bill was finally scrapped but not before Betsy DeVos showed how adamant she was about the whole thing.

In Charity

She has, together with her husband, donated to the following schools.

  • The DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.
  • Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Compass College of Cinematic Arts
  • Northwood University
  • Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning

In conclusion- Betsy is a remarkable woman with a genuine interest in education having gone as far as to get to where she is now.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2015 in the month of March. The organization’s aim is to reform its campaign finance systems and curb the effects of Citizens United which introduced lots of illegal money in politics. It is financed by donors from the grass root levels. The role of the organization also is to do away with the fact that the rich people of the country buy the election. The organization will also work towards directing the lawmakers to take appropriate measures on the people violating the law. The aim of forming the End Citizens United is to destroy all the political systems that are rigged and to stop the usage of a lot of money in politics. These activities will play a big role in ending the era of dark money and overturning Citizens United. The organization intends to implement the activities by electing new candidates, making use of the grassroots membership to demonstrate political power and making the issue of money in politics as a national priority.
The organizations board is headed by leaders that are very committed in electing Democratic champions and also in helping in overturning Citizens United who will bring back the power to all the Americans thus empowering everybody as opposed as to a few individuals. It is planning to provide funding to Democratic candidates vying for various posts across the country. The group will pass amendments that will spear head in reversing the Supreme Court decision. Up to now a large number of people have signed the petition for the the bill to be passed. They will get support because of the number of people who have signed and also because of the fact that they have partnered with other organizations that will help them reach out to potential liberal supporters.
End Citizens United is hoping to coming up with a strategy of financing the campaigning candidates with initiatives like television advertisements, direct polling and direct mailers. Furthermore, the group wants to enact the campaign reforms on the state levels and also local level. It has financial experts who are looking closely at the constitutional amendments of overturning the Supreme Court decision of 2010. The amendments must win the consent from three-fourth of the state, two thirds of the house, and the senate. The organization is not supporting the Republicans because they are not backing up the finance reforms. The group has raised money from small donors and is still on track to raise more cash to take them through the entire cycle. The group is encouraged to go on with the public awareness of the Supreme Court decision as it keeps political pressure on the political parties and the Supreme Court.

Making Money With Real Estate

A lot of people today are interested in learning how to build their investments for the future. There are many people excited about the changes that are coming in the industry. Not only can you make a positive impact in the future, but you can also start to build more cash flow for your monthly purchases. With all of the changes that have taken place recently, you need to make sure you have a plan in place for success. After the last housing crisis, it is important to do everything you can to prevent another one. Many people today are excited about the future possibilities coming from this area. Many young people are starting to move from renting to owning, and this is causing a massive housing demand that we have not seen in a long time.

Sam Boraie

If you want to invest with someone who has a track record of success, Sam Boraie is your person. There are a lot of people who look up to his hard work and success. Not only will he help you get to the next level in life, but he is also someone who is trying to invest for the future. With all of the new changes in the economy today, he is on top of things and will continue to succeed at a high level. If you are someone who is ready to take things to the next level, you should read everything you can about his work on this subject. He is known around the country as a real estate developing expert, https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees.

Balancing Equity and Cash Flow

One of the great things about investing in real estate is the fact that you can get bot cash flow and equity growth from your investments. However, there is usually some sort of balance between the two. A lot of people would rather have cash flow to help with things in the short term. However, the real wealth is build through price appreciation over time. This will help you in a variety of ways. If you can hold your real estate investment for ten or fifteen years, you will have built a lot of paper wealth through the price appreciation. This is why investing when the market is down is so lucrative. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are coming, and the positive work that Sam Boraie is doing in the local community.

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