Securus Technologies: Protecting America Through Inmate Monitoring

When it comes to the field of prison communications, there is no other name quite like Securus Technologies. The company stands as one of the most well-known names in the field and is also one of the most widely used prison communications providers in the entire country. The company has become one of the most successful in the business and stands tall in the face of all its competitors. The company today is operational in a good number of locations throughout the country, and in some places in Canada as well. Thousands of inmates rely on the services that Securus Technologies provides to be able to stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside.


Because of the very nature of the services that Securus Technologies provides, there is a lot of scope for things to go wrong, which is why the company has to take special precautions to ensure that their services are not being misused for any criminal activity. The company monitors all of the communications that go on between the inmates and the people on the outside who they are talking to. All of the calls made are also recorded and kept in the case where it is asked for in the future. The monitoring system has proven to be extremely useful, and numerous prisons all over the country are relying on this technology to keep a closer eye on the inmates who are in these facilities.


In the past, Securus Technologies has been quick to arrest the people who have been using their calling services for malicious activities. The people who are monitoring these systems are quick to realize what is happening, to negate any amount of damage that might occur as a result of this and to ensure the safety of all the people who live in America.

Canadian Production Manager Louis Chenevert

During Louis Chenevert’s time as President and CEO at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), the company experienced exponential growth. He was appointed to this position during a time when a major recession was taking place in the country, yet with his great leadership abilities he still managed to up the company’s shares substantially. Born in Quebec, Canada in 1958, Chenevert received a Bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montreal, which is a Business School that is affiliated with the University of Montreal.

UTC is a company that is based in Connecticut, and it is involved with the aeronautics and industrial markets. It is responsible for the assembly of some of the most technologically advanced jet engines in the country, and their well-built machinery is used by the military, as well as by commercial consumers. It’s also involved with the operation of OTIS, which is an elevator and escalator company that is probably one of the most well-known ones in the world. Louis Chenevert joined UTC in 1993, and ended up being elected to serve as the President and CEO in March of 2006.

After working with the Pratt and Whitney company for 6 years and being elected as its president back in 1999, Chenevert went on to work for General Motors, where he spent 15 years. One of his biggest accomplishments was acquiring Goodrich for around $17 billion during his time there. This deal was one that he had worked on getting for at least a year.

While working at UTC, he managed to keep a stable environment there by not outsourcing any of the production jobs, opting instead to bring in some aeronautical engineers to use their skills in the areas where they were most needed. When he was elected as the Chairman of the company in 2010, he became the 8th one to hold that position, having succeeded a man named George David. He expressed gratitude for having been given this position by saying that he felt deeply honored and privileged.

He was involved with corporate social responsibility efforts through a program called the Employee Scholarship Program, which helps the employees of the company by paying their bills so that they can be free to pursue degrees in whatever fields they choose to. Since the program was started in 1996, there have been 39,000 degrees earned by the employees.

Among the many awards that Louis R. Chenevert has earned are: The Honor Award from the National Building Museum in 2009; The 2010 Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics; and The FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award. He was also named Person of the Year by Aviation Week and Space Technology in 2011.

He is currently serving as Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs in their Merchant Banking division. He was offered this position 10 months after he retired from UTC. When he is not working, one of his most desired leisure activities is spending time on his yacht, which he named Debbie Lou, a combination of his wife, Debra’s, nickname, along with his own.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Suffering Patients Through Dental Sleep Masters

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disease that affects a person’s breathing system. Most patients of sleep apnea find treatment when a doctor that specializes in sleep apnea treatment offers services. One such doctor is Avi Weisfogel. Avi started practicing more than twenty years back. Since he set foot in the field, he has saved over 200 patients the discomfort that comes with sleep apnea. Avi is not only a doctor. He has leadership qualities that identify him to be fit for managing doctors that are in the same field.

Background of Sleep Apnea Treatment 

Avi has been instrumental in offering helpful treatment methods. He guides several teams at providing treatment. Avi uses humility to approach issues. This is the key character of operating for him. As the owner of the prominent, Dental Sleep Masters, Avi is in charge of key issues in finding treatment for sleep apnea. He has a vast background of knowledge in offering the right treatment and his academic credentials speak volumes about his ability to offer the best treatment options. Avi found Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He has over 15 years in the practice. He has managed several organizations that offer similar services for over ten years. He boasts of understanding the basic sleep apnea effects and long term solutions.


A visionary, Avi established Dental Sleep Masters, a practice that has offered employment opportunities to dentists and doctors that specialize in sleep disorder treatments. From week one in the practice, he has been offering better, reliable, treatment options. He is also a marketer and has established a reliable marketing platform for implants that can be used for oral treatments. According to his business, there is a direct link between sleep disorder and the breathing system. There is also a link between the two factors and the oral system. Avi therefore, created an oral implant that seeks to prevent the issues that come with breathing problems when a patient is asleep. Avi enjoys saving people from experiencing the worse that sleep apnea can bring. Being a leader, Avi spends most of his time teaching dentists on the best, possible, treatment methods.

Daniel Mark Harrison Leads Monkey Capital to Greatness

Daniel Mark Harrison is a household name that commands respect. In business, he has established a strong investment platform that has been admired by many investors. Daniel has vast experience in investment and crypto currency business. He has made great, loveable strides that have built him a good reputation. The multi skilled individual thrives in great dockets of business. An entrepreneur, business professional, block chain guru and mentor, Daniel Mark Harrison’s journey to greatness is one that cannot be ignored. In 2015, a famous magazine called the Financial Times described him as an author, serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin enthusiast and editor. He is also a publisher and author of great, beneficial business books.


The Journey To Entrepreneurial Success

Daniel Mark Harrison originates from the famous family of Harrison’s. The bloodline behind Harrison& Sons is known for generating lump sum money out of businesses. In 1997, this family graced news headlines with FTSE listing it as a leading entrepreneurship docket for printing. The impressive statements speak for Daniel’s input and determination in business. What better defines this journey is Daniel’s impressive, education background. He went to the prominent, prestigious, Oxford University between 1998 and 1999. Having majored in theology, Daniel Mark Harrison garnered skills on how to handle people. In a competitive career, he has executed diligence in handling different situations.

Managing Family Business

Daniel extended his studies by joining the BI Norwegian School Of Business between 2005 and 2006. He majored in business administration. It is no wonder, he is good in handling different businesses. His skills speak for his vast academic background. Daniel furthered his studies by joining New York University. He studied journalism, a discipline he owes for excellent communication skills. Presently, he is a respected business man that has built an empire. He owns Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.Ltd. He has been the chief executive officer from 2015.


Daniel Mark Harrison handles all projects linked to the firm. He controls the movement of assets. Another company he has successfully managed is Monkey Capital. The fin-technology company for block chain business has grown into an admired business from March 2016 when he started managing it. He is currently based in Singapore.

Waiakea Water Bottles Will Become Nano-Degradable

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water initiated that they will begin using a fully degradable bottle next year. This environmentally-friendly move will ultimately reduce the lifespan of the packaging by a whopping 93%. Scientists have worked endlessly to create technology to change the packaging industry for the better. The new Waiakea bottles will also be a hundred percent recyclable and use the patented TimePlast, a nano-degradable additive for plastics. Waiakea will be the first company to merge with TimePlast and use them in their packaging. There were reasons that nano-degradation for plastics wasn’t created before in the past, mainly because scientific research and most companies always looked for a better way to create stronger plastics, not weaker. Regular plastics take thousands of years to fully degrade, these new Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water bottles will contain a much shorter ecological footprint. The brand new bottles will of course can be recycled with regular plastics and will evidently improve the recycling system.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was co-founded by entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, in 2012. He wanted a beverage company that was fully socially and environmentally conscious. His product and brand would become a success and the enriched, natural volcanic water recently seen an annual increase of 170 percent since its beginnings.

After realizing that the water he was drinking during his summer and winter family vacations in Hawaii was indeed special, Ryan Emmons had seen a perfect product that he wanted to share along with the world. Waiakea is made with the pristine waters found near the town of Hilo, Hawaii. The water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano. It’s naturally enriched with a unique mineral makeup of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. Along with its rich mineral source is the natural electrolytes, alkaline and 30mg of silica to leave the waters silky smooth once ingested.

Waiakea Water has partnered up with the organization, Pump Aid to help bring clean water to the most vulnerable areas in Africa. Malawi alone had more than 4,230 pumps delivered to produce clean water that can and will serve over 487,600 people daily.

Lori Senecal: Planning for Retirement

When most people think of retirement planning, they think of what to do after they’ve retired. While that should be the focus of many, for some, planning is required for before they retire. Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, plans on retiring later this year.

For someone in her position, simply leaving would cause potentially irreparable damage to the company. She’s been a part of the company since 2015. She’s made so many beneficial changes to the company’s structure; they even created the Global CEO position just for her. Filling her shoes is a nearly impossible task, which is why it requires such immense planning.

According to Fast company, to understand the difficulty of replacing Lori Senecal, her history with CP+B is spectacular. She’s always introduced new technology to every company she’s worked for. It’s why those companies grew so quickly and kept the changes she made to them. Check out Adweek to know more.

When she joined CP+B, she immediately began changing things for the better. It’s not that CP+B wasn’t successful; they were. She wanted the company to succeed on a more global scale. That’s her specialty: company growth. Even more impressive, she snagged the American Airlines account away from TM Advertising; something no other company’s done in 25 years.

According to Chuck Porter, founder and Chairman of CP+B, he’s working closely with Senecal to find the next-generation leadership team. Senecal created an environment that encourages success and inspires everyone to try their hardest. It won’t be easy to find even a group of people who has her corporate savvy. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Lori Senecal announced her plans to retire earlier this year. It’s giving her and Porter the chance to prepare the company for a shift in power. It’s becoming more about creating an environment that can easily transition into a future with Senecal leading the company.

So far, Danielle Aldrich’s name continues to appear. She helped Senecal land the American Airlines account. She’s also been named President of CP+B West, which includes two of the company’s offices.

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Like Doe Deere, Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Starting a business takes dedication to your passion. The rewards will come when there is a dedication to learn and grow around your passion over time. Often, we can devote countless hours to our passions, so we should expect to work many days without pay when it comes to creating a business around that passion. There are many aspects to think about before starting a business, such as marketing trends to see if there are potential customers with the same passion as you, and if your product will have customers keep coming back for more.


Additionally, preparing a business plan will also require creating appeal for your product so you can get financial assistance from banks. Consider how much financial assistance will be needed in the initial startup of the business. Prepare yourself by looking at other business models, and look for inspiration from other entrepreneurs that started small. Marketing is about making people think they want your product even if they didn’t know they needed or wanted the product. Also, marketing is about branding a style that people want to be associated with. One example of someone who began forming a business around her brand is Doe Deere of Lime Crime, a vegan-friendly cosmetic line. Doe Deere created a brand that was marketable to other young women that were mesmerized by a similar unique color and style.


Furthermore, Doe Deere is inspirational to all those who are starting a business around their passion. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 as a makeup line, but began her business in 2004 selling handmade clothes on eBay. The idea was to sell online at a time when people were beginning to buy items online. The name Lime Crime came from Deere’s favorite color bright green, and the idea that it’s almost a “crime” to have brightly colored hair, makeup, and clothes like Deere’s signature look. Likewise, Doe Deere is inspirational to those young women who have made art in their bedroom, imagining a fantastical world where people can embrace their uniqueness every day with a new style and flare of color. Doe Deere is one of the many examples of entrepreneurs who have started small, and worked for years building a brand around her passion that has its own uniqueness.


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Citizens United Should Be Seen For What It Is

Citizens United is a positive and very nice sounding title for a political action committee designed and run by a nefarious group of Republicans who want to continue the unethical measures that the Republicans are so good at implementing to win elections and stay in power. The Republicans have raised the practice of drawing district voting lines to such a sublime art in order to enhance their (GOP) standing in any election. This requires being more creative in drawing district lines than a Picasso or more appropriately a Salvidor Dali whose Persistence of Memory does to reality what Republican gerrymandering does to fair elections. They draw the lines of gerrymandering to reflect their strengths while lessening the power of Democrats trying to regain power. In closely fought areas the GOP has greatly outdistanced the opposition in the electoral college while barely winning the election contest. In the cases of Gore/Bush and Clinton/Trump. The elected president lost the popular vote. It is not a fair fight and it is a corruption of our democracy. Read more about the fight against Citizens United here: TC PALM: SEN. BILL NELSON’S WAR CHEST REACHES $5 MILLION

There is no doubting the managerial power of Republicans, as a group, they are business owners, managers, and the entitled class who hold powerful positions in and out of government in their communities. They are educated but like many college graduates who develop a fondness for their less educated and often underprivileged fellow man. These future barons of industry are only in it for the betterment of their own group, fellow fat cats, good ole boys, and the country club set.

In Florida, Citizens United is challenging the Democratic candidate, Bill Nelson, by advocating for a divisive Rick Scott who many Floridians loathed as governor. There have been excellent Florida Governors: Lawton Childs and Bob Graham from the Democratic party and Charlie Crist and Independent. If the popular Bill Nelson is defeated it will be another indication of the changing demographics of the Florida population and the further inroads being made by the GOP.

Our country is going through a very bad time. The lure of riches is replacing a love of justice and understanding. Many are turning their backs on their fellow man to concentrate on their own entitled family while our nation is losing respect around the world.

Is Your Home Smarter Than A Fifth Grader According To Paul Mampilly?

There are only 24 hours in a day. In order to become more efficient, home owners are installing many different kinds of smart technology. Does financial expert Paul Mampilly think that your home is smarter than a fifth grader?

Smart Homes Save Time

Do you need to hire a servant or will smart gadgets give you the same results? Siri makes a compelling argument for using the latest smart technology to ramp up customer service or help you accomplish tasks around the house. How can Siri help at home? She can make reservations for you at the nicest five-star Michelin restaurant.

Smart baby monitors can include both microphones and cameras. You can hear the “coos” and “breathing patterns” of your child remotely. You can sync these sensors to both mom and dad’s smart phones. This will give you a backup system, just in case.

Financial expert Paul Mampilly believes that this smart technology can lead to Profits Unlimited and it makes good sense, doesn’t it? The best products and services satisfy needs. Smart technology can satisfy many needs of the modern consumer. Therefore, profits should be guaranteed.

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Smart Lawn

Is your wife a great five-star Michelin chef? Does she burn the casserole every other day? Well, why don’t you buy her a smart oven?

You can get great recipes, temperature controls and warnings if anything is amiss. This will save your wife plenty of time. It will also be great for the stomachs of your entire family. What a winning possibility.

Do you love a great lawn? Smart sensors for your yard could measure moisture levels and automatically turn your sprinklers on. Avoid the embarrassment of timed sprinklers watering your lawn while it rains.

This is the “Internet of Things“, envisioned by financial expert Paul Mampilly. Many investors wished they had invested in Apple or Google, early on. Now, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Stock expert Paul Mampilly has researched many of the top tech stocks. He gives his clients, an opportunity to make some real money. Smart gadgets might make your home smarter than a fifth grader.

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Glen Wakeman career as an entrepreneur, writer, and a mentor

Glen Wakeman is famed to be a world business executive, investor, mentor, writer and a great businessman. He has been in business and finance career for over two decades. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the Co- founder, CEO and the President of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It deals with automated software services which enable new entrepreneurs to make their idea real and workable. LaunchPad Toolkit has all data needed to guide the entrepreneurs to build their empire. They get financial support and bits of advice from a group of professionals.

Wakeman has good educational background. Glen Wakeman holds BS in Economics and Finance which he pursued at the University of Scranton in 1981. Glen also has MBA in Finance which he received from the University of Chicago in 1993. In his career course, he worked for GE Capital (People). When he was working for GE Capital and Nova Four he received recognition as a Growth Leadership role model. In his lengthy profile with good track of the record, mentor and entrepreneur Glen has transformed businesses into successful ones. His great work involves guidance of start-ups, new market entry, exponential, and M&As. He has proven great skills and experience in various areas: governance, human capital, risk management, execution, and leadership.

Glen Wakeman`s investment and writing skills have paved way to insights through blogs about emerging markets, international fiscal matters, strategy management, administration, and finance. As a mentor, he has mentored C-level executives and has advised start-ups such as Dream Funded and Sitter Bees.

Glen Wakeman has lived in many countries and toured many different parts of the world as he transacts businesses in his career which have stimulated to high recognition globally. He passionately builds businesses by improving firms and individual alertness. He even received several awards for his devoted leadership and dedication to the corporate social responsibility.