Dr. Saad Saad Shares His Insight About Career and Life

Dr. SaadSaad is a renowned pediatric surgeon who recently retired after 47 years in the medical industry. He was an expert US Board certified pediatric surgeon, covering complex cases and has treated several high-profile pediatric patients throughout his practice, including affluent families and public figures. An interview with the staff from Blog Web Pedia revealed his insights about his career, the medical field, and life in general. Through the interview, he highlights a few lessons about the leaving the legacy of true service, dedication, and compassion for others. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad



Life Lessons Given By Dr. Saad


  1. Do not settle for anything other than the success you imagined

Dr. SaadSaad was born in the Palestine region in the 1940s. This was a tumultuous time in the area, where there were several changes in terms of political and economic reforms. The formation of the state of Israel forced some of the Palestinians out of the area who were natives of the region. They faced many hardships during the relocation but it ultimately taught him lessons about perseverance and understanding that life goes on.


During their time of relocation in Kuwait, he started taking on hard labor jobs in the sun. He suffered from a minor stroke attack, and he reflected upon his experience while waiting for care. This was the time he set his mind to becoming a pediatric surgeon. From that day on, his life had direction, and he never settled unless his choices were directed towards his decision.



  1. Accomplish what you can today

In line with having a specific direction, Dr. SaadSaad also highlights the importance of avoiding procrastination. When Dr. Saad migrated to the United States, he wanted to become a US Board certified pediatric surgeon. He took on his review materials, went on to fulfill the requirements of licensure without wasting any time. He believed that this was the accomplishment that would propel him to establish his practice in a foreign country that was soon to be his home. During the 1980s, he became the only Arab-fluent pediatric surgeon in the United States. He was also given the privilege to the Pediatric Surgeon for the children of the Saudi Royal Family.



  1. Nothing is impossible

Dr. SaadSaad believes that a dream is never impossible as long as you insist on it. He explains that his life is a testimony of this saying, and despite his retirement, he hopes to leave a legacy of inspiration, motivation, and compassion to the future generation of medical practitioners.

Organizing Plans Into Action: A Hallmark Of Glen Wakeman’s Career

Glen Wakeman has an excellent business leadership track record because he spent years mobilizing talent in the financial industry and bringing stellar performances out of it. Now he’s helping others find a way to turn ideas they have into actual businesses, and it’s his company Launchpad Holdings, LLC that has been the incubator for this. The company is a SAAS company that serves both as a tutorial and an organizer for business ideas. It also explains in good detail how to really lead a company.

Glen Wakeman has said the reason he’s become invested in this company is that all too often it’s incorrectly assumed that good business idea are the same as workable plans. The reality is there is often a real chasm between businesses with just solid ideas and those who can thrive because they’ve executed a real plan. So Wakeman has devoted his energy with Launchpad to reinforcing forming plans of action and helping customers understand how to present those plans to capital suppliers.

Glen Wakeman has spent his career both growing new businesses from scratch and turning around established businesses from financial turmoil into fine-tuned machines again. He’s traveled and lived in six different countries throughout his career, and he’s served as an executive with several companies and a consultant for others. The methodology Wakeman employs in business can be broken down into five sections of executing, effectively utilizing human capital, governing the company, understanding risk management and building up leaders.

Glen Wakeman started after graduating from the University of Scranton with his bachelor’s degree and completing graduate school at the University of Chicago. He began a series of business startups at GE Capital, including the founding of Nova Four. After holding this position, he stepped down to become an independent consultant and venture investor. He is a key advisor to Sitterbees and Dreamfunded.

Put Stream Energy To Work For You!

It’s that time of the month again; the dreaded energy bill has arrived right on time. As usual, it is still a little more than you think it should be and you are scratching your head, trying to figure out what else you can possibly do to lower it any more.


As per a recent blog post by Stream Energy, the answer could be a pretty simple one. Look around your home and take inventory of all of your appliances and electronic gadgets, Do you realize that even when turned off, those gadgets still draws electric when plugged in (Facebook)? It is a classic misconception that if they are turned off, those devices do not still use any energy.


The truth of the matter is that every single gadget can cost up to $1 a month on your electric bill. Now, that doe does not seem like much money but if you think about it, an entertainment system can rack up as much as $130 each year, even if it is turned off. Now think about the kitchen appliances and other gadgets zapping energy, it can add up. An additional 5 gadgets can run upwards of $100 and adding that to to the $130 from the entertainment system, you’re looking at over $200 each year that you could be spending.


The good news is that this issue can be remedied pretty easily. Simply use power strips to plug all of your electric gadgets into and just shut down the power strips when items are no longer in use. Additionally, you can unplug any of your devices that are not in use and that will also do the trick!




In 2005, a progressive new energy company was born and it was called Stream Energy. From the very beginning, Stream quickly made a name for itself by creating a company known for it’s ability to capitalize on the direct selling of energy. The company put into place a system of rewarding customers for directing new business to them via word of mouth. Doing this means that Stream Energy actually pays clients to bring them new business!

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