Billboard Magazine Recognizes Desiree Perez

As one of the hardest working women in Hip-Hop, and in the music industry in general, Desiree Perez was acknowledged at the end of 2017 in Billboard Magazine’s expansive ‘Top Women Executives in the Music Industry’ list. Alongside such notable names as Atlantic Records CEO, Julie Greenwald, and Universal Music Group’s Executive VP, Michele Anthony, Desiree is proclaimed one the industries best of the best. Perez has long made a name for herself in the business side of the industry by being a tough negotiator, intelligent business woman, and the multi-faceted, quick witted, corporate arm of Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter himself.

Perez has a long history with the multi-platinum selling rapper, and has many times been called ‘the woman behind the man’ in terms of Carter’s business successes. Perez’s presence and business savvy have been so influential on Jay that many argue without her keen sense for negotiation Hov would have never gone from all star Emcee to the Hip-Hop mogul he is today. Desiree’s inclusion in the Hova Circle of Influence, a select grouping of Jay’s most trusted managers across the board of his companies and corporations, along with her place within Rihanna’s notoriously tight nit circle, showcase just what a industry powerhouse Perez is.

She has achieved these business relationships by knowing her skills and sticking by them. Her most recent conquest, for legendary Hip-hop label, Roc Nation, for whom Perez sits as the Chief Operating Officer, was the renewal of a lucrative contract between the company and LiveNation. Perez also served as the negotiator of the original deal ten years ago, which subsequently proved profitable for both sides, as has the latest renewal. Perez also traversed a Samsung touring partnership with Roc Nation artist Rihanna, resulting in the founding of a business relationship and personal friendship between the two.

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