In this century technology and business models are changing drastically, and there is a need for innovation if you are to be successful in entrepreneurship. There are those that have already recognized that and have worked hard to shape different sectors. One of such people is Jim Tananbaum who founded Foresite Capital. He is also the Chief Executive Officer for the company. The idea of Foresight came to pass in 2001 and began as a private firm that is dedicated to healthcare.

The company works by identification of healthcare leaders that are emerging and establishes profits by supplying of capital, information, and networks. Before starting Foresite Capital, Jim came together with others to start two biopharmaceutical firms that are leading in the sector

They also established two investments regarding healthcare practices. He is also the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals which was responsible for two drugs in the market which were not more than $80 million. The company was acquired in 1998 for $1.6 billion and had a drug called Renegel with a revenue rate of over $200 million.

Nowadays, the company produces over $1 billion income in a year after it began 22 years ago. Jim also took part in starting Theravance and was its Chief Executive Officer. The two firms have succeeded with market capital of over $3.2 billion. Jim Tananbaum has a lot of experience because of working with others to begin joint venture firms which have all become successful.

In these companies, he has been helpful in the establishment of services in the healthcare sector and investment practice. Some of the investments that Jim has helped include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amerigroup. He founded Foresite Capital because he wanted to utilize his career elements in the creation of a new investment platform.

Jim is an entrepreneur who is well-educated. He attended Yale University majoring in math and electrical engineering and Computer Science. Jim also received M.B.A. from Harvard and went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to receive his M.S. Jim started marriage of hard sciences and computer science with health care since his high school days. He worked with many academicians and emerged productive in those relationships. More details can be found on About.me

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