Oncotarget Educates Masses on Cancer Treatment and Therapies for a Livelier Nation


For years now, cancer has claimed over 20,000 lives across the world. The most devastating fact about this disease is how fast it kills without the knowledge of both the patient and physician. Also, following research over decades, it has been close to impossible to arrest the disease on time. This is because during the initial first stages, the symptoms never manifest quickly during laboratory tests and routine checkups. Following the complexity of cancer, many scientists have since time immemorial invested time and effort towards battling cancer. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.


That is why Mikhail Blagosklonny is cheered for his outstanding contribution towards battling cancer. Mikhail is the co-editor for Oncotarget. This is a peer-reviewed medical journal published weekly. It is freely accessible and upon demand, it can be printed for a client. Oncotarget seeks to disseminate available data on cancer and other diseases. With its availability, masses of people in the society can be reached. As one of the top-notch peer-reviewed medical journal, Oncotarget has continued provide a bridge between diseases and treatment. Its core purpose is publishing the already researched findings concluded surrounding conditions.


Towards this end, Oncotarget has landed significant roles in publishing properly researched data on cancer. Just recently, there was an article on the health hazards of e-cigarettes to smokers. Unlike in the past where it was embraced and considered healthier, this article highlighted its dangers towards smoker’s gums. Such knowledge has massively contributed to fighting cancer of the lungs and mouth. This is because it issues warning to prospective e-cigarette users. It also allows potential users to shun smoking. Another article posted by Oncotarget explained the benefits of chemotherapy to cancer patients. It further highlighted that chemotherapy does not contribute to weight gain in cancer patients like a majority believes.


For Oncotarget, the most vital tool towards this battle is knowledge. That is what the journal seeks to do. It distributes information on drugs, diseases and therapies for treatment. With its weekly publications, many people can access data for a healthier, knowledgeable society. With Mikhail’s vast knowledge in cancer and treatment, Oncotarget is obviously playing a key role in battling cancer. Download output styles at Endnote.com