Doe Deere Moves Beyond Her Comfort Zone

Doe Deere has been running the cosmetics game and she has made a great impression on a slew of women that are also interested in becoming business leaders. It is not every day that a small business leaders takes on juggernauts like CoverGirl and Revlon, but Doe Deere has done this with very a high level of success. Other business women are inspired by this young fashionista that also happens to run her company and conduct most of the marketing herself.


She believes in her ideas, and that is the reason that Doe Deere has never stopped dreaming. Lime Crime may just be getting some recognition now, but this company has been around for years. This name was registered back in 2004. This is when Doe Deere had planned to start a fashion line with eBay. She was planning to use the usual colors of the makeup brand, but she wanted to apply these colors to the world of fashion. She set up of the business game for a while after the clothing line failed to do what she wanted it to do. Doe Deere would reemerge with Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008.


This gap between the clothing business and the start of her cosmetics line was vital. It gave her enough time to build a business plan and see the direction that she wanted to go in. Sometimes it is better to step back before stepping up with something new.


One might say that Doe Deere has managed to strike at just the right time. She was the person that managed to create a whole new wave of cosmetics during the time that Generation Z was emerging into what Doe Deere has called a fully-digital generation. This was a great time to launch her products and use social media. Most teens that patronize her products do know even watch TV. They are music and movie streamers. They avoid commercials so there was no need for Doe Deere to waste time advertising this way.


What Doe Deere has tried to do is help people embrace the weirdness. She has stated that she believes that unconventional hair color should be more accepted in schools. Doe Deere has created her own hair dye products to help speed the process along. She wants society to embrace more of the bold colors that are becoming more of the Lime Crime staples. Semi-permanent hair dye was in an experiment phase, but Doe Deere would move in this direction as the demand for this concept grew. She wanted to show people that hair dye was not a bad idea.


Now there are more people that are interested in what she is selling, and the Unicorn magic of Lime Crime seems to be heating up. This is the type of company has managed to become a leader in cosmetics because someone was willing to step outside of her comfort zone. That someone is Doe Deere, and she is also pushing customers beyond their comfort zone as well.


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