How Marc Beer Thrives To Help

Globally known, Marc Beer is a renowned business person. After graduating from the university of Miami, he hit the ground running with his career. He is currently not only the Chairman, but also the Chief Executive Officer for Renovia Incorporated. Marc Beer has an abundance of knowledge and expertise that deals with numerous industries. His total experience within his field adds up to over 20 years of work and progress. Marc Beer is also a Chief Executive Officer for ViaCell. Since joining the company he has successfully broke new ground and helped the bio tech business expand their reach. ViaCell specializes in the attainment of stem cells that are extracted from The umbilical cord. The company has hundreds of employees and plans to keep up it’s growth and progress in the near future. Good Starts Genetics Compensation Committee is another Organization that he is associated with. His role at this committee is the chairman. The level of discipline that Marc Beer has instilled into his life has made a big difference. He believes that having a strong sense of discipline and values helps the person prioritize things effectively. By thinking outside of the box, he as well as his employees and partners can yield desired results. Marc Beer and and his company Renovia were given new grants and funding this past year. The $32 million that they obtained during this round of grants will help with more products being developed. These products will help the diagnosis and treatment for pelvic diseases. Pelvic Floor Disorder changes the lives of millions of females globally. Marc was very grateful for the investors within the healthcare industry who created such an opportunity for he and his company. Renovia’s use of sensor based technologies will continue to make advancements; as this new grant funding with allow them to research more and develop more. Learn more:


Infinity Group Australia: Top debt reduction company

Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that serve the interests of the downtrodden in the society. Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that have innovative solutions to the financial needs of the people in Australia. The commitment of this company is to help the people realize that they need to do more with their finances. The main services offered by this company are debt reduction and money management services. These services are offered to any willing Australian. There are no limitations as to who can get help from the company.




Recognition by AFR




Recently, Infinity Group Australia was ranked among the top most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The review was done by an organization known as the Australian Financial Review. This group analyzes the services offered by thousands of financial companies in the region and ranks them according to uniqueness and innovativeness of the services offered.




In 2018, Infinity Group Australia was ranked number #58 out over 1000 companies who made it to the list. Such a position is good news for the company since it has been in business for the past three years only. It was established in 2013 and has been rapidly growing its operation all over Australia.




The Founder of the company, Graeme Holm was happy with the recognition they received from AFR. He is happy that the efforts that the organizational leadership and the employees have been putting in business have not gone unnoticed. As the fastest growing debt reduction and money management company in Australia, Infinity Group Australia is committed to offering unique and innovative financial solutions to its customers.




The founders and Infinity Group Australia reviews




Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded infinity Group Australia. Holm is a top MPA Broker in Australia and an outstanding financial expert. He has served for over 15 years in the Australian banking sector. He came up with the idea of Infinity Group after seeing the challenge that many people were going through when dealing with loan repayments. A lot of people were stuck in never-ending debt cycles. He saw the need to help this group of people by offering support and guidance on how they can manage their services in order to save more.




Infinity Group works by assigning personal bankers to their clients. A personal banker will trail the spending habits of the client and look for areas where changes can be made in order to save more. Learn more: