Ryan Seacrest – Endorsements and Deals

The sales driver at Macy’s has been the new deal signed between them and Ryan Seacrest. The deal includes a new line of suits, sport coats, and evening wear. The line of clothes is meant to bring high fashion to middle America. The prices are fair and the quality is clean. Each piece of clothing was selected and designed by Ryan Seacrest. He has a fashion sense that is best known for his suits on American Idol. Each suit is tailored to the body. It fits the wearer like it was custom made. The accessories were made to compliment each look. They are versatile enough to be used again for other looks. Ryan Seacrest used the knowledge of his mentor Christopher Bailey when making his choices. Bailey has designed red carpet looks for Burberry. He also designed all of Ryan Seacrest’s suits during his time on American Idol. The looks were tailored to give Ryan Seacrest a fashion forward appearance. He wanted all of his fans to have this same look.


The modern man can now use the suits that Ryan Seacrest has designed to compliment his busy schedule. They were designed to make the modern man look always ready. Ryan Seacrest is constantly on the move, so comfort and quality are two things he values. The suits are designed to place those qualities into perspective. The lifestyle of the modern man is one that can change at a moment’s notice. The coolness of the clothes makes it easy to change into any atmosphere. He has given his very essence to the creativity process. Ryan Seacrest often moves from city to city for his shows and appointments. He can be in New York on Sunday and fly to Los Angeles on Monday. This strenuous movement makes it absolutely necessary that he have comfort and mobility.


The entrepreneurial pursuits of Ryan Seacrest are just beginning. He has created more than a dozen television shows overseas to expand his fan base. He is looking into other endorsements, and he has more projects on the table. Ryan Seacrest is a modern man with modern fashion.

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Like Doe Deere, Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Starting a business takes dedication to your passion. The rewards will come when there is a dedication to learn and grow around your passion over time. Often, we can devote countless hours to our passions, so we should expect to work many days without pay when it comes to creating a business around that passion. There are many aspects to think about before starting a business, such as marketing trends to see if there are potential customers with the same passion as you, and if your product will have customers keep coming back for more.


Additionally, preparing a business plan will also require creating appeal for your product so you can get financial assistance from banks. Consider how much financial assistance will be needed in the initial startup of the business. Prepare yourself by looking at other business models, and look for inspiration from other entrepreneurs that started small. Marketing is about making people think they want your product even if they didn’t know they needed or wanted the product. Also, marketing is about branding a style that people want to be associated with. One example of someone who began forming a business around her brand is Doe Deere of Lime Crime, a vegan-friendly cosmetic line. Doe Deere created a brand that was marketable to other young women that were mesmerized by a similar unique color and style.


Furthermore, Doe Deere is inspirational to all those who are starting a business around their passion. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 as a makeup line, but began her business in 2004 selling handmade clothes on eBay. The idea was to sell online at a time when people were beginning to buy items online. The name Lime Crime came from Deere’s favorite color bright green, and the idea that it’s almost a “crime” to have brightly colored hair, makeup, and clothes like Deere’s signature look. Likewise, Doe Deere is inspirational to those young women who have made art in their bedroom, imagining a fantastical world where people can embrace their uniqueness every day with a new style and flare of color. Doe Deere is one of the many examples of entrepreneurs who have started small, and worked for years building a brand around her passion that has its own uniqueness.


To learn more, visit http://www.doedeere.com/.