Put Stream Energy To Work For You!

It’s that time of the month again; the dreaded energy bill has arrived right on time. As usual, it is still a little more than you think it should be and you are scratching your head, trying to figure out what else you can possibly do to lower it any more.


As per a recent blog post by Stream Energy, the answer could be a pretty simple one. Look around your home and take inventory of all of your appliances and electronic gadgets, Do you realize that even when turned off, those gadgets still draws electric when plugged in (Facebook)? It is a classic misconception that if they are turned off, those devices do not still use any energy.


The truth of the matter is that every single gadget can cost up to $1 a month on your electric bill. Now, that doe does not seem like much money but if you think about it, an entertainment system can rack up as much as $130 each year, even if it is turned off. Now think about the kitchen appliances and other gadgets zapping energy, it can add up. An additional 5 gadgets can run upwards of $100 and adding that to to the $130 from the entertainment system, you’re looking at over $200 each year that you could be spending.


The good news is that this issue can be remedied pretty easily. Simply use power strips to plug all of your electric gadgets into and just shut down the power strips when items are no longer in use. Additionally, you can unplug any of your devices that are not in use and that will also do the trick!




In 2005, a progressive new energy company was born and it was called Stream Energy. From the very beginning, Stream quickly made a name for itself by creating a company known for it’s ability to capitalize on the direct selling of energy. The company put into place a system of rewarding customers for directing new business to them via word of mouth. Doing this means that Stream Energy actually pays clients to bring them new business!

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Mike Heiligenstein Gives Back Hope to the People of Austin

On 3 September, the residents of Austin found themselves tuned to the news that there would be an increase in the flow of traffic. This was according to the renowned American-Statesman, the editorial team stated that the residents would need an advanced technological solution to solve the issue. According to Mike Heiligenstein, the move made by the Viewpoints editorial team to recognize the challenge at hand was quite impressive. Mike further admits that at the renowned Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, they offer perfect solutions to curb such challenges.Learn more : http://www.mystatesman.com/news/opinion/heiligenstein-mopac-project-one-many-mobility-solutions/xMGCtppQvuEzYlFe8FuhSK/


Mike Heiligenstein says that the firm specializes in creating mobility solutions. He says that the solution could be either building of a new route or something just different. One of the fulfilling projects that the firm completed was building the 183A Toll Road that is located at Leander and Cedar Park. Mike says that the road had brought positive changes to the residents such as boosting growth. He further states that after constructing the U.S. 290 toll road located between Manor and Austin, the road’s capacity increased up to three times that of the old road. He says that the firm is geared by the ideologies of hard work and accountability.Learn more : http://www.slideshare.net/mikeheiligenstein/mike-heiligenstein-of-the-ctrma-the-central-texas-approach


The firm comprises of a hardworking, innovative, and dedicated team that ensures they have the appropriate solutions for any problem that arises. According to Mike Heiligenstein, they are incorporating new technology on the MoPac Express Lanes they are constructing to aid in traffic flow. There will be various tolling lanes to ensure that people attending urgent functions get there on time.


Mike further says that they are looking to incorporate more technological solutions in their future ventures. At the same time, fiber lines will be constructed on the 183 South initiative. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority joined forces with Metropia to establish a traffic application that is mobile-based to offer traffic solutions to commuters. This will be possible as the application will be integrated to the traffic monitoring system.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Chief Executive of the renowned Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, a worldwide transportation company. He has served the Authority since the year 2003, which under his leadership registered incredible growth. The Mobility Authority has been entrusted with a project worth $1 billion to extend several toll roads that will make a huge difference to Austin residents.


Mike Heiligenstein attended the University of Texas and graduated with a degree in Government. He also has a master’s in BA & Government. Currently, Mike is on various boards such as Tunnel and Turnpike Association, Texas Transportation Institute, and the International Bridge.Learn more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfCSQct7ihI