How Shiraz Boghani Found Success As A Business Owner In Two Industries

Shiraz Boghani is a United Kingdom businessman who emigrated to that country in 1969. He attended college and became an accredited accountant. His first job was at the accounting firm Thomson McLintock & Company where he worked for a number of years. In 1986 he entered the hospitality industry when he founded a hotel company named Splendid Hospitality Group. He started out in this business with hotels that had limited services, partnering with companies such as Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn. Since that time he has also built a number of high-end hotels.

He now has a network of 20 hotels he owns and manages as the chairman of his company. Shiraz Boghani has three flagship hotels. The first of these is The Grand Hotel & Spa York which has 207 luxuriously appointed rooms and earned five-star status. The Hilton London Bankside, with 292 rooms, was opened in October 2015. He built this hotel to fully fit into the neighborhood so it mixes a combination of modern design meshed with urban grittiness. His other flagship hotel is the 336 room Holiday Inn Wembley which is a popular venue for weddings, particularly among Asian couples.

In 1998 he branched out into the healthcare industry. Shiraz Boghani established Sussex Healthcare in that year along with a business partner. He is now the joint chairman of the board of this company which has facilities along England’s southern coast in the county of Sussex. The daycare and homes they take care of people in are staffed with medical professionals who take care of people that need to live in assisted living. His company recently opened a gym in 2018 that residents can get to via private vehicles.

Shiraz Boghani says that the staff at his healthcare company make sure that residents are well cared for physically and socially. The residents have a wide range of activities that are meant to keep the residents happy and engaged in life. They also keep the residents cognitively active with specialized programs for the residents who are elderly and have age-related mental conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.