Zeco Auriemo, Luxury Developer

Zeco Auriemo is a luxury developer who has been involved in many well-known properties and commercial real-estate properties over the course of his career. Zeco Auriemo is the owner of JHSF. JHSF is the Auriemo’s family real-estate company. He has been working in the company since he was younger. He has been privy to a range of experiences within the company and therefore has gained experience as a developer and manager.

As a teenager, Zeco demonstrated skills as a leader and hard worker. He entered the International Youth Coexistence in Japan. He also lived in Europe for a period of time in order to study horse rinding. He has been raised around opportunity for a number of different endeavors. Zeco Auriemo began studying engineering in Sao Paulo and working at JHSF during that time. He ultimately decided to pursue the family business and took over efforts within the company.

JHSF has been involved in a number of projects in Brazil’s capital, Sao Paulo. Auriemo’s company has also executed business in Salvador and Manaus. The company arranged a contract with the city of Punta del Este, Uruguay for the purpose of initiating luxury condominiums. Shopping centers make up a major piece of the company’s porflio. Center such as MetrĂ´ Tucuruvi and MetrĂ´ Santa Cruz are vital parts of JHSF’s portfolio, reference (Aloalobahia.com). Zeco Auriemo focused on high-income properties during the early 2000’s. The market for real-estate grew exponentially during that time and therefore sparked the desire to take advantage of the industry growth. Zeco Auriemo and his company JHSF began developing the Cidade Jardim during that time, which is located on nearly 80,000 meters of land. The development is located in the Marginal Pinheiros region of Brazil. The company experienced high income and fund growth as a result of this market breakthrough.



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