CVS Health, Amazon, and Entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden Driving Change in the American Healthcare Industry

So vibrant is the American healthcare industry that a year hardly passes by without significant announcement hitting the headlines. Towards the end of 2017, Amazon, a renowned e-commerce company, made its maiden entry into the American healthcare industry. The retail e-commerce giant acquired pharmacy licenses to distribute healthcare-related equipment in some states in the U.S.

However, the American healthcare industry is not short on speculations. After Amazon’s announcement, healthcare barons began speculating on the company’s next move, and some of them envisioned Amazon distributing prescription medications. Investors and companies in pharmacy business such as CVS Health took the speculators word for it. Some investors shade shares of pharmacy stocks while CVS Health went ahead to consolidate its business.

CVS Health, a retail pharmacy company based at Rhode Island, announced that it would acquire Aetna for a whopping $69 billion. CVS Health’s business improved with Aetna’s business, provision of healthcare insurance, will definitely make CVS Health the preferred healthcare company for many Americans. On top of announcing the planned purchase of Aetna, CVS Health rolled out a new service that would allow CVS Health’s clients to receive prescriptions 24 hours after placing an order.

CVS Health and Amazon have one thing in common: well-established retail footprints across America. The two corporations reach hundreds of millions of Americans, and the recent developments are indicative of better days ahead for the American healthcare consumer.

Apart from multi-billion corporations like Amazon and CVS Health, the American healthcare industry is advancing courtesy of efforts of individual entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden. He is a leading healthcare IT professional passionate about Electronic Medical Records and has dedicated a significant portion of his career to troubleshooting, optimizing, or dealing with other complex challenges of EMRs. He is presently a senior fellow at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Drew Madden’s current employer is interested in all matters electronic health records.

Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners prior to joining Evergreen. His impressive work at Nordic is still the talk of the town. He took a holistic approach to managing Nordic that saw the company increase its turnover to $130 million,up from $1 million. Nordic’s employees and partners exponentially rose as well.

Talk Fusion Continues to Be a Communication Leader

Talk Fusion is the email marketing and conferencing platform that takes people to a whole new world of award communication. It has never been easier to have live meetings and create signup forms for website visitors. There was a time when video email was the main staple the Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina. The way that Talk Fusion has evolved over the years has made it the company that is number 1 in communication all over the world.


People are using it in countries outside of the United States for video newsletters. There are people that are conducting live meetings for work and school. The thing that has made this an award-winning company is the crystal clear imagine that is presented. It is going to be easier to get with a company that is established. Talk Fusion has become the company that has managed to secure a place as one of the top vendors because it transforms the way that think about communication. Bob Reina had his mind on doing what had not been done before. He wanted to feel a void.


Reina knew that the customers would come if he could had the ability to create something that was not readily available anywhere else. The video email concept, for example, would be one of the strongest concepts that he would bring to light. Once he was able to do this Talk Fusion would become the company that people would pay attention to. You can chat from any device with the video chat. It doesn’t matter if you are a loyal Apple or Android user. All of this makes it possible for people from all over the world to connection.


The real-time video solutions have made it possible for so many people to build a better relationship with friends and family in other parts of the world. There are Talk Fusion push notifications and screen sharing features for chatting. There are also chat rooms that you can lock and invite for up to 8 video chat users at once. You can even use Talk Fusion to securely share your files. This has made Talk Fusion one of the best programs to use for increasing workplace efficiently. The WebRTC technology has become something that can presented users with a fast connection. Customers of Talk Fusion love the fact that there are no delays with this technology that Bob Reina has presented. Learn more: