Securus Technologies Implements Drone Detection Technology To Reduce Threats Faced In Prisons Across The Country

Securus Technologies has always tried to implement solutions that can keep away all possible threats that prisons are likely to experience. More recently, prisons all over America have been reporting a number of drone sightings near the premises. These drones are usually being used for illegal purposes, and are mainly used to smuggle illicit and banned goods inside these prisons. This has increasingly become one of the more sought after ways because it bypasses the prevalent security measures that prisons had implemented.


As soon as the Securus Technologies heard of the drone threats that prisons all over the country were experiencing, they realized that they had to install some form of security measures to tackle the problem. The company spent several months analyzing the technology used and finding ways to be able to help reduce the number of threats that the inmates and correctional officers are prone to. After months of hard work, the company finally came out with a program that hasn’t been implemented in prisons before.


Securus Technologies introduced the drone detection program, a cutting edge implementation that works to detect drones as soon as they enter into the radius of the prisons. If a drone is detected, the program will thereon be able to take control of it and redirect it to the nearest correctional officer or law enforcement agent. The officer will then be able to seize the drone and take away the package that it was trying to bring into the prisons.


Securus Technologies has already implemented this technology in a number of prisons that they are operational in and has received an incredible amount of reviews regarding the program. Prisons are now being able to stop the drones that are entering the prisons, thereby making America a secure and safer place for all living in here.


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