Dr. Saad Saad Shares His Insight About Career and Life

Dr. SaadSaad is a renowned pediatric surgeon who recently retired after 47 years in the medical industry. He was an expert US Board certified pediatric surgeon, covering complex cases and has treated several high-profile pediatric patients throughout his practice, including affluent families and public figures. An interview with the staff from Blog Web Pedia revealed his insights about his career, the medical field, and life in general. Through the interview, he highlights a few lessons about the leaving the legacy of true service, dedication, and compassion for others. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad



Life Lessons Given By Dr. Saad


  1. Do not settle for anything other than the success you imagined

Dr. SaadSaad was born in the Palestine region in the 1940s. This was a tumultuous time in the area, where there were several changes in terms of political and economic reforms. The formation of the state of Israel forced some of the Palestinians out of the area who were natives of the region. They faced many hardships during the relocation but it ultimately taught him lessons about perseverance and understanding that life goes on.


During their time of relocation in Kuwait, he started taking on hard labor jobs in the sun. He suffered from a minor stroke attack, and he reflected upon his experience while waiting for care. This was the time he set his mind to becoming a pediatric surgeon. From that day on, his life had direction, and he never settled unless his choices were directed towards his decision.



  1. Accomplish what you can today

In line with having a specific direction, Dr. SaadSaad also highlights the importance of avoiding procrastination. When Dr. Saad migrated to the United States, he wanted to become a US Board certified pediatric surgeon. He took on his review materials, went on to fulfill the requirements of licensure without wasting any time. He believed that this was the accomplishment that would propel him to establish his practice in a foreign country that was soon to be his home. During the 1980s, he became the only Arab-fluent pediatric surgeon in the United States. He was also given the privilege to the Pediatric Surgeon for the children of the Saudi Royal Family.



  1. Nothing is impossible

Dr. SaadSaad believes that a dream is never impossible as long as you insist on it. He explains that his life is a testimony of this saying, and despite his retirement, he hopes to leave a legacy of inspiration, motivation, and compassion to the future generation of medical practitioners.

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