Jorge Moll, a Prominent Brazilian Entrepreneur and Cardiologist

Jorge Moll Filho is a professional Cardiologist and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of one of the largest health diagnostics imaging laboratory in the country. Rede D’Or owns an excess of 30 hospitals and was first established in 1977. Fleury SA acquired subsidiary Labs D’Or from Moll at a cost of $750 million. Fleury SA is a publicly traded Brazilian medical services provider with high-end capabilities and enumerable portfolio.


Moll later acquired a Sao Luis, a popular hospital group found in Sao Paulo. Two private equity firms Singapore’s sovereign-wealth fund GIC Pte. Ltd and Carlyle Group bought stakes at Brazilian hospital operator in 2015. BTG Pactual, a Brazilian bank sold 12% of Rede D’Or at $595 million in 2015.


Apparently, Jorge Moll lives in Rio de Janeiro and serves as the president for the board of directors at Rede D’Or. Moll together with his family form the major shareholder at Rede D’Or Sao Luis, one of the largest network of independent hospitals in Brazil. Established in 1977, Rio de Janeiro now has over 35 hospitals with an accumulative capacity of 5000 beds


Jorge Moll attended Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro where he earned a master’s degree in public health. Through his commitments and hard work, Moll founded health diagnostics laboratory and transformed it to become the more profound network of independent hospitals across Brazil. Pactual bank, owned by Andre Estevez helped Moll to finance the acquisition of the hospital group (Crunchbase).


Rede D’Or has continually registered exemplary performance results since its establishment. The hospital now receives more than 2 million patients annually ( The group carries out its mandate in close collaboration with its 30 other oncology clinics.


In 2014, Moll became the chairperson at Rede D’Or, after retiring from his position as the chief executive officer of the firm. Cardiolab was rebranded to Labs D’Or to serves as the center of health diagnosis across Rio de Janeiro. Rede D’Or is now setting up four other hospitals to widen the scope of its operation throughout major Brazilian cities. Finally, Jorge Moll has a mastery of skills in acquisitions, business, and cardiology.

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