Betsy DeVos, Along With Husband Dick, Shows Strong Commitment To Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos has always been a woman that fights tooth and nail for the issues that are important to her. This trait is evident in the devotion she has shown for many years to the school choice movement. Her dogged determination at fighting to secure for parents the right to choose where their parents receive an education has put the world on notice of Ms. DeVos tenacity and resulted in United States President Donald Trump appointing her as the nation’s Secretary of Education.



Philanthropy has been another main area of focus for Betsy DeVos and she has along with her husband Dick DeVos, been known to use the considerable wealth at their disposal to provide large amounts of financial support to the various charitable organizations. It is estimated that the DeVos’ has given nearly $140 million in their lifetimes to various causes and organizations.


The philanthropy of the Betsy and Dick DeVos reinforce the fact that matters of education is a central theme in their lives and careers. In 2015, the couple donated $3 million to educational causes. In addition to this, the couple’s own organization, the DeVos Family Foundation, supported reform in education to the tune of $357,000.


Dick DeVos explains that the commitment he and his wife have to quality education for all children stems from an understanding that the current system of education in our country does not provide the best opportunity for children to fully realize the American dream. Mr. DeVos went on to say that the issue became one that he and his wife began to consider as a civil rights issue as all too often it seemed that children living in particular zip codes were condemned to receiving sub-par educational opportunities.


Those who are critics of the DeVos’ stance on education say that the voucher and charter school programs that the couple champion serve only to weaken the public school system by siphoning money away from these schools. The DeVos’ counter this argument by stating their belief that school choice eliminates the failings of the ‘one-size fits all’ education system that has been in place for much too long. The DeVos’ also make it clear that their criticisms of the current public school system are not meant to be an indictment against the capabilities and good will of school employees.


Betsy and Dick DeVos are also the brains and funding behind the Great Lakes Education Foundation, which advocates for the increased funding for charter schools in the state of Michigan.


In 2010, the couple became the founders of the first charter high school in America with a theme in aviation that they named the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school began with only 80 students and utilized offices at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school has grown rapidly and now has its own buildings as well as hundreds of students that travel from multiple counties in the state to attend classes.


The DeVos beam with pride when pointing out that last year’s graduating class included 15 graduates that were also licensed pilots.


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Dr. Rick Shinto takes InnovaCare to New Heights

When it comes to healthcare, there is simply no denying its importance. In that same breath, there is simply no denying the place InnovaCare Health Solutions LLC occupies as a leading provider of the same. InnovaCare used the opportunity provided by the government when it allowed private companies to enter the market. At the helm is Dr. Rick Shinto, a State University of New York alumnus who earned his medical degree there before earning his MBA from Redlands University. Mr. Rick has over 20 years of experience in the field with him authoring various journals about the industry of healthcare and offering suggestions for improvement and solutions to the problems faced by the industry as a whole.


Dr. Rick Shinto has spearheaded InnovaCare into a growth that is undeniable and unparalleled, growth that saw the company go from 50,000 to 250,000 Medicare providers in the space of five years. Enabling InnovaCare Health to become one of Puerto Rico’s favored healthcare providers.


InnovaCare Health has been one of the major pillars of the government’s efforts in improving the medical sector. With Dr. Shinto creating a team of leading medical professionals that include Penelope Kikkinides who has been involved in the field of medicine for over two decades as well.


The burgeoning of growth InnovaCare experiences can be credited to one monumental moment in the company’s history – the appointment of Dr. Rick Shinto as the President and Chief Executive Officer in 2015. His demeanor with the customers and his wealth of knowledge which he accumulated over his two-decade-long career has led to him taking InnovaCare Health Solutions LLC to unprecedented heights and maximizing their workflow and outreach.


His career experience includes being President and CEO of Aveta Inc. for four years from 2008 to 2012, as well as working at large corporations like NAMM California, MedPartners, and many more. It is experiences like that of Dr. Rick Shinto’s that enables InnovaCare Health to provide the very best service to its clients. Not only bringing about growth in the firm but the entire medical industry in Puerto Rico.


With Penelope Kikkinides as Chief Administrating Officer and Dr. Rick Shinto as Chief Executive Officer, bringing their wealth of expertise, the industry is looking stronger than ever and at the forefront of all will be InnovaCare Health LLC. providing high-quality medical services for everyone. InnovaCare and Dr.Rick Shinto are ensuring a healthy future for clients, the company, and country.


Alex Pall Embraces Intimacy Of Art As Chainsmokers Release New Album.

You cannot turn on the radio nowadays without being introduced, at some point, to a song that features heavy EDM and dance influences. While dance music isn’t new, the resurgence of the genre is owed in large part to the work of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, collectively known as The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers have been a mainstay in the zeitgeist of pop culture for the better part of the past several years and now the duo is looking to really push their music to new limits. The Chainsmokers are well known for their work on tracks such as ‘Paris’ and ‘Closer’ but their new release, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, might be their most important release so far.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were two men beholden to the world of DJ and dance music. While working in separate cities, the two were eventually connected by a mutual friend. It was quickly apparent that Pall and Taggart were both riding the same wavelengths when it came to their craft and with that connection made apparent, almost nothing could stop them. Pall and Taggart would get to work with a workmanlike effort that involved meeting for 10 to 12 hours a day, every day, in order to hone their craft. Now, years down the line, they are almost constantly on tour showcasing the music that they’ve worked so hard on.


As a dance/EDM group, Pall and Taggart have been intimately close to the writing process of all of their songs. With that being said, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ marks the first time that Taggart will lead the way in the vocal section of the new track. The reason for Taggart taking center stage is incredibly simple: Pall and Taggart want their new era of music to really resonate with fans. In order for the words that they write to feel authentic, Taggart wants to make sure that it is his voice people hears when they tune in on the radio. This kind of passion shows that the Chainsmokers are far away from just another cotton candy, fluff pop-duo. What else awaits the Chainsmokers here in the coming years?

Shiraz Boghani Of Splendid Hospitality

The Asian Business Awards 2016 honored the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz Boghani with the Hotelier of the Year Award. Boghani is a prominent and a successful entrepreneur in hotel management and hospitality. Boghani, as a determined individual, shows professionalism for the last more than 30 years in his line of career. Boghani owns more than 20 hotels. Also, he qualifies as an accountant. Shiraz Boghani is a unique individual, and he introduced limited service branded hotels in London early in the 1990s. Recently, he worked on a project; the stylish Hilton London Backside situated in the London’s backside. Other recent achievements include; New Ellington in Leeds and Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

Shiraz Boghani is a supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation; the UK registered charity organization and the Aga Khan Development Network across the world. As illustrated by the events of Boghani’s award, the occasion appeared honorable with the prominent journalist in attendance. The Splendid chairman said that it is an honor to earn such a distinguishable award. Additionally, he said that hotels are part of his business life. The success in hospitality is enhanced by the support from the Splendid family and its able management team.

Splendid hospitality is a privately-owned hotels group that is thriving at a high rate. The success of the group is attributable to the strategic work of Boghani. Through commitment and determination, Shiraz Boghani makes the organization move from one achievement to the next. Boghani moved from Kenya to the United Kingdom in the year 1969. After settling, he enrolled as an accounting student in the firm of Chartered Accountants. After gaining enough experience, he joined Thomson McLintock and Co. As a businessman, Boghani could notice various business opportunities.

Shiraz Boghani is a co-chair of the Sussex Healthcare, a facility that provides medical care to the old and people with developing conditions like learning disabilities, neurological problem, and brain injuries. Sussex Healthcare began in the year 1985. Through hospitality inventiveness of Boghani, the facility can host even more patients successfully. The organization has more than 20 homes and 500-bed spaces for the elderly. The facility provides a healing environment where one patient looks forward to the recovery of the other. Sussex healthcare earned many awards through Boghani’s tireless work and determination. Boghani dedicates much of his time, attention and resources to support the charitable organizations and volunteering in the healthcare missions.

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Michael Lacey and the World of Mathematics

The world of mathematics can be complicated for many, this is one of the reasons why the professor of mathematics Michael Lacey dedicates so much of his life to mentoring his students to make sure they are learning everything they need to succeed in their education and beyond. Michael Lacey’s career as a professor began in 1987 shortly after he graduated from the University of Illinois. He began as an assistant professor in the city of Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University.


Currently, he holds the position of Full Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Michael Lacey also holds the position of Associate Chair for Faculty. He earned this position in 2017 for their school of mathematics. Michael Lacey has done a lot in his career both to advance math and help his students achieve their goals. He is highly respected in his field and an asset to the world of mathematics.


Michael Lacey has earned a lot of recognition during his time in the field of math. One of the most notable was in 2013 by the American Mathematics Society. That year, he was made a Fellow of the society as recognition for the many accomplishments he had made in his career. Another notable accomplishment was when he received the position of Guggenheim Fellow in 2004. This is something that very few mathematicians earn each year, only between 2 and 4. During his career, he has also submitted well over 100 journal articles.


Michael Lacey is a favorite among his students for both his teaching methods and his dedication to mentoring. He has assisted many students either with his direct mentoring or his organization of different grants that helped students continue their education. His research in the field of math had led to Michael Lacey earning millions of dollars worth of contracts and grants for himself and his department. Many of these grants were awarded to Michael Lacey for his extensive work with harmonic analysis. Another one of the fields of study that interests Michael Lacey is the topic of singular integrals.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future



Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished investor who makes bold statements about the economy. He worked in the venture capital industry for several years, and he was an early investor in Uber. After making millions through his investments, he started offering financial advice to clients.


He recently tweeted for nearly an entire day about the future of the economy. Most of his predictions were bleak. He firmly believes that an economic crash is on the horizon. He is making changes to his portfolio to prepare for a recession.


Stock Market


Since the election of President Trump, the stock market has increased tremendously. Many investors believe the market will continue improving. However, Shervin Pishevar thinks that a massive stock market correction is on the horizon. With company earnings inflated more than ever before, he thinks the coming economic crash will be worse than the one in 2008.




To prepare for the stock market crash, Shervin Pishevar is moving a large percentage of his capital to gold. He thinks that gold is a haven in times of economic trouble.


In the last recession, the price of gold nearly doubled as investors flocked to safety. If his predictions become true, it is likely that gold prices will rapidly increase again.




Shervin Pishevar made multiple predictions concerning the future labor market in the United States. He predicts that the United States will experience a chronic labor shortage in the technology industry. Many of the best students are moving to other nations to gain valuable work experience.


Although Shervin Pishevar is not always correct in his predictions, he has a strong track record over the past few years related to financial issues. Some investors are taking his advice by selling stock and buying gold. Others are waiting a few more months to see if his predictions come true.

CVS Health, Amazon, and Entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden Driving Change in the American Healthcare Industry

So vibrant is the American healthcare industry that a year hardly passes by without significant announcement hitting the headlines. Towards the end of 2017, Amazon, a renowned e-commerce company, made its maiden entry into the American healthcare industry. The retail e-commerce giant acquired pharmacy licenses to distribute healthcare-related equipment in some states in the U.S.

However, the American healthcare industry is not short on speculations. After Amazon’s announcement, healthcare barons began speculating on the company’s next move, and some of them envisioned Amazon distributing prescription medications. Investors and companies in pharmacy business such as CVS Health took the speculators word for it. Some investors shade shares of pharmacy stocks while CVS Health went ahead to consolidate its business.

CVS Health, a retail pharmacy company based at Rhode Island, announced that it would acquire Aetna for a whopping $69 billion. CVS Health’s business improved with Aetna’s business, provision of healthcare insurance, will definitely make CVS Health the preferred healthcare company for many Americans. On top of announcing the planned purchase of Aetna, CVS Health rolled out a new service that would allow CVS Health’s clients to receive prescriptions 24 hours after placing an order.

CVS Health and Amazon have one thing in common: well-established retail footprints across America. The two corporations reach hundreds of millions of Americans, and the recent developments are indicative of better days ahead for the American healthcare consumer.

Apart from multi-billion corporations like Amazon and CVS Health, the American healthcare industry is advancing courtesy of efforts of individual entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden. He is a leading healthcare IT professional passionate about Electronic Medical Records and has dedicated a significant portion of his career to troubleshooting, optimizing, or dealing with other complex challenges of EMRs. He is presently a senior fellow at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Drew Madden’s current employer is interested in all matters electronic health records.

Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners prior to joining Evergreen. His impressive work at Nordic is still the talk of the town. He took a holistic approach to managing Nordic that saw the company increase its turnover to $130 million,up from $1 million. Nordic’s employees and partners exponentially rose as well.

Talk Fusion Continues to Be a Communication Leader

Talk Fusion is the email marketing and conferencing platform that takes people to a whole new world of award communication. It has never been easier to have live meetings and create signup forms for website visitors. There was a time when video email was the main staple the Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina. The way that Talk Fusion has evolved over the years has made it the company that is number 1 in communication all over the world.


People are using it in countries outside of the United States for video newsletters. There are people that are conducting live meetings for work and school. The thing that has made this an award-winning company is the crystal clear imagine that is presented. It is going to be easier to get with a company that is established. Talk Fusion has become the company that has managed to secure a place as one of the top vendors because it transforms the way that think about communication. Bob Reina had his mind on doing what had not been done before. He wanted to feel a void.


Reina knew that the customers would come if he could had the ability to create something that was not readily available anywhere else. The video email concept, for example, would be one of the strongest concepts that he would bring to light. Once he was able to do this Talk Fusion would become the company that people would pay attention to. You can chat from any device with the video chat. It doesn’t matter if you are a loyal Apple or Android user. All of this makes it possible for people from all over the world to connection.


The real-time video solutions have made it possible for so many people to build a better relationship with friends and family in other parts of the world. There are Talk Fusion push notifications and screen sharing features for chatting. There are also chat rooms that you can lock and invite for up to 8 video chat users at once. You can even use Talk Fusion to securely share your files. This has made Talk Fusion one of the best programs to use for increasing workplace efficiently. The WebRTC technology has become something that can presented users with a fast connection. Customers of Talk Fusion love the fact that there are no delays with this technology that Bob Reina has presented. Learn more:

Doe Deere Moves Beyond Her Comfort Zone

Doe Deere has been running the cosmetics game and she has made a great impression on a slew of women that are also interested in becoming business leaders. It is not every day that a small business leaders takes on juggernauts like CoverGirl and Revlon, but Doe Deere has done this with very a high level of success. Other business women are inspired by this young fashionista that also happens to run her company and conduct most of the marketing herself.


She believes in her ideas, and that is the reason that Doe Deere has never stopped dreaming. Lime Crime may just be getting some recognition now, but this company has been around for years. This name was registered back in 2004. This is when Doe Deere had planned to start a fashion line with eBay. She was planning to use the usual colors of the makeup brand, but she wanted to apply these colors to the world of fashion. She set up of the business game for a while after the clothing line failed to do what she wanted it to do. Doe Deere would reemerge with Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008.


This gap between the clothing business and the start of her cosmetics line was vital. It gave her enough time to build a business plan and see the direction that she wanted to go in. Sometimes it is better to step back before stepping up with something new.


One might say that Doe Deere has managed to strike at just the right time. She was the person that managed to create a whole new wave of cosmetics during the time that Generation Z was emerging into what Doe Deere has called a fully-digital generation. This was a great time to launch her products and use social media. Most teens that patronize her products do know even watch TV. They are music and movie streamers. They avoid commercials so there was no need for Doe Deere to waste time advertising this way.


What Doe Deere has tried to do is help people embrace the weirdness. She has stated that she believes that unconventional hair color should be more accepted in schools. Doe Deere has created her own hair dye products to help speed the process along. She wants society to embrace more of the bold colors that are becoming more of the Lime Crime staples. Semi-permanent hair dye was in an experiment phase, but Doe Deere would move in this direction as the demand for this concept grew. She wanted to show people that hair dye was not a bad idea.


Now there are more people that are interested in what she is selling, and the Unicorn magic of Lime Crime seems to be heating up. This is the type of company has managed to become a leader in cosmetics because someone was willing to step outside of her comfort zone. That someone is Doe Deere, and she is also pushing customers beyond their comfort zone as well.


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Securus Technologies Implements Drone Detection Technology To Reduce Threats Faced In Prisons Across The Country

Securus Technologies has always tried to implement solutions that can keep away all possible threats that prisons are likely to experience. More recently, prisons all over America have been reporting a number of drone sightings near the premises. These drones are usually being used for illegal purposes, and are mainly used to smuggle illicit and banned goods inside these prisons. This has increasingly become one of the more sought after ways because it bypasses the prevalent security measures that prisons had implemented.


As soon as the Securus Technologies heard of the drone threats that prisons all over the country were experiencing, they realized that they had to install some form of security measures to tackle the problem. The company spent several months analyzing the technology used and finding ways to be able to help reduce the number of threats that the inmates and correctional officers are prone to. After months of hard work, the company finally came out with a program that hasn’t been implemented in prisons before.


Securus Technologies introduced the drone detection program, a cutting edge implementation that works to detect drones as soon as they enter into the radius of the prisons. If a drone is detected, the program will thereon be able to take control of it and redirect it to the nearest correctional officer or law enforcement agent. The officer will then be able to seize the drone and take away the package that it was trying to bring into the prisons.


Securus Technologies has already implemented this technology in a number of prisons that they are operational in and has received an incredible amount of reviews regarding the program. Prisons are now being able to stop the drones that are entering the prisons, thereby making America a secure and safer place for all living in here.